Little House

Little House

I recently purchased this Little Cottage in a lake community in the Catskills. Check in to see how I design and develop this little gem into a fairy wonderland of small house living. I really love the BOHO style so that is the direction I will go. Projects to be developed will be textiles- rag rugs , draperies, quilts. A ceramic shed/studio where I can make and design function pots and handmade tiles. House jacking. Shed redesign so I can give my daughter Fiona, a place to call her own. Lots of wonderful projects to come once the weather warms up. Meanwhile I sew quilts here in Brooklyn.

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3 thoughts on “Little House

  1. I love your tiny new home!! Congratulations!! I live in upper Westchester County New York. The very base of the Catskill Mountains. You found a real beauty in the Catskills! I blog on my small studio basement apartment and the eco-projects that I create and share. You found a wonderful investment up in the woods!!

      • Have you moved to the cabin yet? What ideas do you have in decorating?! I’m excited to learn more about your little cabin in the hills!! I am also grateful to meet like minded people who share the same enthusiasm! :D

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