New Tile Project

I love tiles. I make tiles. Today the inspiration hit me and I made 250 of them. Don’t be too impressed. They are only 2″ by 2″ so I am going to need 1000s to cover any surface. These are greenware but I have some ideas for glazes. Tune in.

Tree of Life


This is a form I have never explored before but there is so much potential for expression. The tree of life has some origin in India but the people living in the area of Mexico and its surrounds also made a form of the tree of life from clay.

Latest Brooklyn Bridge Park development


I have the pleasure to walk through the incredibly impressive Brooklyn Bridge Park on a daily basis. Yes, that is the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. This is the latest project it runs along the BQE. They have been using pile drivers to insert those tubes? Whatcha ma call ems? It will be interesting to see what they build. The hardscaping at the park is incredibly impressive. Look out for future posts on areas that have been completed.